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Just For Dads March 6, 2008

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A question I hear quite often from dads is, “Is this doula going to take my place?”.  A doula is there to help the father, as much as she helps the mother.  The fact of the matter is, our society places a great deal of pressure and responsibility on the father-to-be during labor.  A childbirth class isn’t always enough to prepare a new, nervous dad to support his wife through what may be one of the most difficult and challenging moments in her life.  Is it fair to expect the father to remain 100% focused and calm, when his wife is struggling?

A doula can help support the father, so he can concentrate on his wife.  Here are some testimonials from fathers I’ve had the honor to serve.


Seth Luker of Garland, husband to Brianna and father to Carter, Hayden and Payton;

Being a father of two boys, already I was anxious for the third birthing experience to be different than before.  While my previous children’s births were memorable, the overall birthing experience for my wife and children were lacking.  Rosemary met with us twice before the birth of our third baby boy.  In only two visits my wife and I felt much more prepared for natural childbirth.  Rosemary educated us on everything necessary for natural birth including relaxation techniques, spouse support, communicating with doctors and hospital staff, birthing techniques, and most importantly why natural childbirth is best for baby and Mom.  I would highly recommend Rosemary to anyone wishing to bring a child into the world naturally and safely.



 Joshua Leverett of Mesquite, husband to Desirea and father to Adam

My Experience With A Doula (from a mans perspective)

Like most fathers I was skeptical at first, I mean I’m the dad.  The last thing I need is another woman in the delivery room, right?

Man was I ever wrong.  Having Rosemary there took a major strain off of me and my fiance/wife.  She knew exactly what to do and when to do it.  Not only that, she was also a strong ally in the hospital room.

Rosemary has a wealth of knowledge and skill.  It just seems to come natural to her.  My fiancee and I wanted a natural, beautiful, and memorable birth for us and our son to be.  Her OB/GYN and the hospital staff, however, had a different agenda.

Despite the hospitals efforts to discourage us, Rosemary encouraged us to have the birth we wanted.  It was all that we had hoped it would be, but her care and kindness did not stop at the delivery room.  She was there to help during the difficult first days of having a new born, and is still there for us today.

My wife Desirea and I would like to extend our thanks to Rosemary, and we highly recommend her to any one expecting a child.

Joshua A. Leverett



Paul Baumler of Plano, husband to Melissa and dad to Jason

When my wife first suggested we look into a doula (and after I learned what a doula does),  I thought, “Why do we need someone else in the delivery room?  I should be all that my wife needs!”  Then after meeting Rosemary Walker, I began to realize there was more to a doula  than I originally thought and decided to have an open mind.

Turns out, Rosemary was an invaluable resource in and out of the delivery room.  She was  patient and dependable while we were preparing our birth plan, and she was available and informative anytime we called her with questions, especially the night we checked into the hospital.  But the real benefit was realized in the delivery room.  She came prepared to assist my wife with the birth as well as brought snacks to keep me going during the 10-hour labor. 

My wife was determined to have an all natural childbirth, and the techniques Rosemary utilized (in which I was able to assist with) I believe helped ease the struggle my wife was going through.  I would never have been able to do it all by myself. 

Rosemary was also a strong advocate for our birth plan and worked in tandem with our physician and hospital staff to allow us to experience the birth we planned and hoped for.  She was a tremendous asset when we had our first baby, and I would not hesitate to use her again to assist us with any future childbirths.  She was a true professional but also became a good friend, even to this day. 



Kris Howell of Mesquite, husband to Patti and father to Kristian and Kayden


  After the birth of our daughter in a hospital setting with lots of medical interventions, my wife wanted a natural birth with a doula.   I wasn’t sure what a doula did, but I went along with what she wanted.  When Patti was about 32 weeks along with our son she contacted Rosemary who was still in her training.  We were amazed at her professionalism and knowledge.  We even asked if she was sure she was still in training, she seemed to know everything and be very confident.

On May 6, 2006 Patti went into labor.  I called Rosemary early that morning and she came to our home.  She stayed with us all day, walking with my wife and showing me ways to make her more comfortable.  Having Rosemary there made me feel like I could be of more help, instead of a bystander.  When it was time to go to the hospital it was such a comfort to have Rosemary with us to help guide Patti through the contractions and to give me the confidence to help my wife.  It was wonderful for Patti to have the support she needed not only from me, but Rosemary was amazing!  We had an awesome birth experience with our son Kayden and I recommend Rosemary to anyone who is pregnant. In fact, if any of my friends’ wives is expecting, the first thing I tell them is they need to contact Rosemary as soon as possible.



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