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About Me March 6, 2008

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Hi! My name is Rosemary, I’m wife to Andrew, mother to Ethan Jason and our newest baby, Elijah.

  After my own beautiful birth experiences, I was compelled to support other women on their own journey to motherhood. I knew I wanted to help the whole family birth their own way; without having someone tell them they couldn’t eat, or that they would have to have a c-section. After searching for an organization, I found out about Doulas of North America. I jumped on the opportunity to become a birth doula and childbirth educator! Every time I get a call from an expecting couple, I get so excited to help. I look forward to continuing my education and adding tools to my knowledge.

  For more information on my services, or classes, click on the icons in the top right corner. I’ve also listed some really great birth stories starting with my own, then followed by some of my client’s amazing stories.


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