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Birth Doula Services March 6, 2008




   I received my training as a birth doula through DONA, Doulas of North America, in March of 2005, and I’ve been blessed to find my calling. My strong points are education and visualization, as well as advocating the wishes of my clients in any birth setting they desire.

I’m happily serving families in the Dallas area, so if you have questions, or just want to talk, drop a line. I would love to set up a free meeting with you!

Here is a brief description of what my services include:

  • Two Prenatal Visits- During these visits, we design a birth plan together that includes all of your wishes to ensure your perfect birth. After I have a pretty good idea of the birth you and your birthing partner(s) desire we will go through childbirth education that fits the birth you want. We will also practice a self relaxation visualization at the close of each meeting to become familiar with this very helpful technique. Of course we will discuss logistics to and from the place of birth.



  • The Birth- We will decide as a team when the best time for me to join you during labor will be. Once I join you and your birthing partner(s) I won’t leave. We will go to the birth place together and I will support your whole team from start to finish. I usually stay after the birth for a minimum of two hours before I head on my way out.


  • One Postpartum Visit- During this visit I bring a healthy meal for you and your family. We go over your birth and I fill in any time gaps, if you are choosing to breastfeed I help make sure you are getting off to a great start. If you need professional help from a lactation consultant, I network with Dallas’ finest, so you will be in good hands! If you would like a second postpartum visit, I’m available at an additional fee.


  • Unlimited phone and email consultations

  There is a 100.00 discount for those who choose to take my childbirth classes. 

I determine cost of service on an individual basis.  For more information and to possibly set up a payment plan please contact me at