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Deaf Parents February 25, 2009




So you’re going to have a baby!  Well you’re in luck; you have found the only  Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator in TX that can sign!

I am a child of deaf parents and have been signing since I was 6 weeks old.  I recently asked myself if deaf women in America are really being educated on birth, breastfeeding, and early parenthood.  I tried to find childbirth classes just for deaf parents taught in ASL and there is nothing…. UNTIL NOW!  I am also offering my birth services to the Deaf community.

It’s time to take charge of your birth as a strong deaf woman and couple!  The first step is to become educated of your body’s ability to have a beautiful birth, and your rights as a deaf woman in labor.  If you choose me to guide you through this amazing journey, there will be no communication break down because I can sign.  You can also trust that my skill as a Doula and advocate will be a great tool for you to use not only during birth but also with breastfeeding and early parenting.

There is a strong need for a signing childbirth educator and Doula; finally I can provide this service.  Please spread the word that this service exists and  in time we can change the way deaf women give birth, one birth at a time.

Please read “childbirth class” page to get an understanding of what the classes are about.

Check back soon and I will post my IP # as soon as I get connected with VRS.


ASL Childbirth Classes


Series 1: Please call me to set up a personalized schedule

  •  Nutrition and exercise for a low risk pregnancy, goals for your birth.
  •  Pregnancy anatomy and physiology, relaxation and visualization.
  •  Coach’s role, hiring a Doula.
  •  First stage and Second stage of labor; please allow extra time for this combined class.
  •  Plan your birth, first stage rehearsal, explore different birth settings.
  •  Complications, intervention, and postpartum preparation
  •  First and second stage review; please allow extra time for this combined class.
  •  The new Family, breastfeeding, adjusting to change, newborn cues.

    If you would like to do referral service for the deaf please contact me at 972.271.2514, or email at sweetbirth101@yahoo.com



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